Hello World

I guess the journey begins….

I will begin by saying I am not a writer. My grammar will probably be all over the place, I will not always have the best sentence structure, but I am just going to let it flow. This is my very first blog and probably the first time I have had to write anything outside of an email since graduating college in 2016. All I ask is that you bear with me as I create this content and connect with you.  

About Me

I am a year round golfer, living in Sarasota, Florida married with our first kid on the way. BTW it’s a baby boy and we decided on the name of Brooks which is much better than the name Bryson. I won’t get into rivalries just yet so we will leave the Brooks v Bryson discussion there. As of right now I have a 10.4 handicap index and just recently broke 80 for the very first time. I work in a career that allows me to have time to golf but I have absolutely no authority to talk about golf I just enjoy it. I am naturally an introvert and that is why I am writing a blog instead of a YouTube channel.

I have always loved golf and am so excited to be a dad. This blog is going to be a feature on both of those. Sometimes it is going to be me story telling about the joys, challenges, and everything in between of being a dad. Sometimes it’s going to be story telling about the joys, challenges, and more challenges of golf. I will share stories, how to posts, and product reviews.

As I write this I am scared (yeah scared to write a blog that tells you where I am mentally right now). I don’t know how to be a dad, I don’t know how to hit a draw, but I am hoping we figure those things out together.

I hope you enjoy future stories, reactions, reviews, and more. I guess that there is only one more thing to say and this is… Hello World.