About Me

I am a year round golfer, living in Sarasota, Florida married with our first kid on the way. BTW it’s a baby boy and we decided on the name of Brooks which is much better than the name Bryson. I won’t get into rivalries just yet so we will leave the Brooks v Bryson discussion there. As of right now I have a 10.4 handicap index and just recently broke 80 for the very first time. I work in a career that allows me to have time to golf but I have absolutely no authority to talk about golf I just enjoy it. I am naturally an introvert and that is why I am writing a blog instead of a YouTube channel.

I have always loved golf and am so excited to be a dad. This blog is going to be a feature on both of those. Sometimes it is going to be me story telling about the joys, challenges, and everything in between of being a dad. Sometimes it’s going to be story telling about the joys, challenges, and more challenges of golf. I will share stories, how to posts, and product reviews.

Below you can see my with my beautiful wife, Kelli. Me golfing while she walks beside me at my personal favorite course that I have played… Linville Ridge CC in Linville, NC.