Dollar Driver Club- Is It Worth It?

This is not a paid post, I am not an employee of Dollar Driver Club, I am just a paying customer that started the service last year. The only thing I ask is if you decide to subscribe to Dollar Driver Club use the following link that gives me a small referral bonus ($5 off coupon for every new signup using my link HERE)

What is Dollar Driver Club?

If you are reading this you probably have some idea of what dollar driver club is. If not here is a brief background on what it is and my personal experience. Essentially dollar driver club is an alternative way to purchase a new driver. Personally a driver is that shiny new toy I always want. I need the newest technology as it comes out because I most definitely could use the extra few yards and forgiveness.

Broken down there are 3 main aspects of Dollar Driver Club to know.

  1. You pay $1 a day for this subscription or $360 a year.
  2. Choose up to 3 drivers to use throughout that subscription year.
  3. Use your subscription fee to purchase a driver if you fall in love with the one you are using.


We will start with the cons of Dollar Driver Club because honestly, they’re aren’t too many. The biggest con I see is that it is a subscription service so if you quit playing golf (which is just outrageous) you need to make sure to cancel this subscription. You can’t sell your subscription but you can use your subscription fee towards the purchase of a driver through Dollar Driver Club.

Also, you have a limited amount of drivers, 3, to use a year without the ability to test them in person prior to your decision. For me this isn’t a huge deal but some golfers like the take a few swings in a hitting bay before committing.

Finally, the last con is the cost, $360 a year is not cheap. If you are like me and purchase new drivers often this isn’t a high cost. However, if you are looking for the best drivers under a certain budget an older model driver or used driver would probably work better.


There are quite a few pro’s when it comes to Dollar Drive Club. The most obvious being you always have the newest driver on the market.

Their selection of drivers is great. Name any of the newest drivers on the market… they have it. The toughest choice for me was not joining Dollar Driver Club or not, it was what driver do I want to use first? Part of the reason you are joining this club is to use the newest and best drivers on the market and they deliver in this area.

Customer service is top notch. There is a few things that stood out to me and probably the most impressive was the customer service. I am a very low maintenance customer so having the driver ship on time. Add on top of that they include a personalized message, personalized ball marker and a few other small golf items. That to me is all I need. My brother, who is a little more high maintenance, decided to subscribe as well. He did not like his initial driver choice and decided to use one of his exchanges. When he put in his exchange request a representative from Dollar Driver Club called him to discuss his swing, tendencies, what he is looking for in a driver and basically gave him a club fitting over the phone. Not only was everything handled on time and professionally but going above and beyond to help a customer choose a club is great customer service to me.

You can buy your driver at any point of time. This may end up being the route I take. My first driver from my subscription is the Cobra King Speedzone. I have used it ever since I started the subscription and have fallen in love with it. Since I have paid the annual $360 fee I can use that to the purchase price of this driver. This essentially allows you to try, for an extended period of time, the top drivers on the market.

The Driver comes right to your door. To me, this is a huge pro. For some reason I just can not hit clubs to save my life inside hitting bays at popular golf stores. This was a way for me to try out the newest and best drivers over an extended period of time without having to leave my house to get the club. Also, with COVID not everyone wants to go visit a store or touch clubs that have been used. This is a way to get that new driver and try it out on your own.

Is it worth it?

YES. This is the most important question on the article and the answer is a resounding yes. If you are looking into getting a new driver and plan to spend some money to do so there is no reason not to use Dollar Drive Club. Their selection, service, and ease of use makes it a great option for us golfers.

CLICK HERE to visit Dollar Drive Club’s website or to sign up for Dollar Drive Club.

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