Streamsong Golf Resort- Are you missing out?

Having been to Streamsong twice in the last year I thought I should reflect and gives those planning a trip or considering a trip to Streamsong an idea of what to expect.

What is Streamsong?

Streamsong is a luxury golf resort located in the middle of no where in Florida. When I say middle of no where, I mean it. Streamsong is located in Bowling Green, Florida (good luck guessing where that is). All you need to know is it isn’t too far from either the Tampa or Orlando airports.

Streamsong is home to 3 golf courses, 4 restaurants, and many more activities. You will undoubtedly spend most of your time golfing but they also have fishing, archery, a spa and more. You will be spending all your time at the resort because the closest restaurant outside of the resort is at least 30 minutes away.

The Golf at Streamsong Golf Resort

Just a few notes on the overall golf experience before jumping into each course. We played in the summer months and were able to ride in a cart (thank God because Florida gets hot!). If you ride in a cart you are required to have a group Forecaddie which yes costs more but on some of these course much much needed. The customer service was top notch from the minute your pull into the resort or course.

Streamsong Black

My personal favorite is the Black course. Having its own clubhouse, restaurant, driving range the black still has that Streamsong feel but in its own world. The course it self is challenging yet fun. The undulations are just insane and make for some crazy shots. A caddie is almost required to play this course especially when it comes to their signature 8th hole. The green is a huge (I mean HUGE) bowl with 7-10 foot walls on every side so you can’t even see the pin from your approach shots. It is such a different course than any other you will play in your life. Highly recommend! This is truly a one of kind golf experience.

Streamsong Red and Streamsong blue

Streamsong Red and Blue share many similarities and this is why I have included them together. If you have time to play only one of these courses you really can’t go wrong. These are beautifully designed and such different courses compared to other Florida courses. They share the same range, clubhouse, and have similar designs. Blue just has a great initial tee shot. You are what seems to be the highest point on the property hitting 40 feet down on to the fairway. For Florida golf this is massive elevation and a pretty cool starting point. With recent upgrades to new Mach 1 greens these courses are no doubt top in the state.

The roundabout and Gauntlet

These are 2 great activities for after your round or the afternoon you arrive to Streamsong. The roundabout is a par 3 course located near Streamsong Black. Holes range from 60-140 yards. This is a perfect place to grab 2 clubs, a few beers, and just enjoy a fun afternoon with your group. If you want to scale it back even further they have the Gauntlet, a 18 holes putting course. Located right outside the restaurant/bar at the Black course a massive putting green awaits. With a stand to hold your drink on each tee shot, grab a beer, get your putter, and have fun. This is located right behind the 18th green so make sure to watch and heckle incoming golfers as they finish their round.

Lodging and Dining

Like I said before the resort is in the middle of no where. The food, down time and more will all be spent at the resort. The resort and rooms itself is spacious, clean, and exactly what you would expect from one of Florida’s top golf destinations. The options for food are great with many casual options. I won’t spend too much time here since I like to focus on the golf portion. All I can really say is the resort and dining met our expectations for a premier golf resort.

Is Streamsong worth it?

Yes! It is truly a unique golfing experience. The courses are beautiful, challenging, and just downright fun to play. If you only have time for 2 course I highly suggest the Black and then either Red or Blue. Make sure to get a caddie, they are worth every penny here. This is such a great unique Florida trip that I highly recommend, 10/10.

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